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Whole Black Peppercorns - Bulk

Whole Black Peppercorns - Bulk


This Grade A gourmet black peppercorn from Madagascar has a high aromatic flavor with a delicate earthy aroma and a dominant medium heat.  Our pepper is handpicked and carefully selected to ensure a minimum level of admixtures.  It's perfect as an everyday table pepper and works great with any dish to enhance the flavor.

  • Product Features

    • Premium Gourmet Quality
    • 100% Natural
    • Fair Trade Practices
    • Fresh Harvest
    • Fast Delivery
    • Unbroken Whole Pepper
    • Sourced directly from Madagascar
    • No middlemen
    • Fair and competitive prices
  • Product Descriptions

    • Color - Uniform black color.
    • Flavor -  Medium heat full-bodied aroma with hints of earthy aroma.
    • Net Weigth - 8oz
    •  Country of Origin - Madagascar
  • Product Guide

    • Ingredients - 100% Black Pepper(Piper Nigrum) 
    • Storage Condition -  Store in sealed bag in a cool, dry place
    • Package Material - Plastic Bag
    • Shelf Life - 3 years after harvest
    • Allergen Information - Packect in a facility free of major allergens
    • Additives and preservatives free
    • Processed and Packed by -  Bemarivo Vanilla Madagascar
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