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Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

SKU: 201850

World's best known vanilla


Our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans are organically grown and hand selected to ensure the highest quality.  They possess a rich, creamy aroma along with the signature hint of sweet and smooth vanilla flavor.   These vanilla beans have been greatly appreciated by top chefs and vanilla connoisseurs. They are ideal for making vanilla extracts and for baking, especially for crème brûlée, crème anglaise, custards, icing, ice cream, and many more! 


  • Product Features

    • Grade A Products
    • Premium Bourbon Quality
    • 100% Natural
    • Fair Trade Practices
    • Fresh Beans
    • Fast Delivery
    • Unsplit Whole Beans
    • Directly Sourced from Madagascar
    • Cured at our Facility in Madagascar
    • No Middlemen
    • Fair and Competitive Prices
  • Products Descriptions

    • Color - Dark brown to black
    • Appearance - Whole and unsplit supple pods
    • Flavor and Aroma - Sweet and smooth flavor with a rich chocolate fragrance
    • Length - Minimum 6 inches unsplit whole pods
    • Quality - Grade A
    • Moisture Content - 30% to 35%
    • Vanillin Content - 1.5% to 2 %
    • Additives - None
    • Shelf Life - 3 Years after harvest
  • Product Guide

    • Storage Condition - Store at ambient temperatures.  Once opened, it must be consumed or safely stored in an airtight container or refrigerated at temperatures between 5 C and 8 C
    • Packaging Material - Plastic bag (Vacuum Sealed)
    • Item - Pure Vanilla Beans (Vanilla Planifolia)
    • Ingredients - 100% Pure Vanilla Beans
    • Country of Origin - Madagascar
    • Allergen Information - Packed in a facility free of major allergens
    • Processed and Packed by -  Bemarivo Vanilla Madagascar
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