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Premium Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks -Gift Box

Premium Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks -Gift Box


Among our spices is the royal quality Ceylon Cinnamon, also known as the "True Cinnamon". This variety of cinnamon is exclusively cultivated in the East and Northeast of Madagascar, and is the best available due to its many health benefits.  It has a smooth appearance and is pale in color with a slightly sweet aromatic scent of cloves and citrus.  It is perfect for sweet and subtle dishes that require a delicate flavor.

  • Product Features

    • Premium Gourmet Quality
    • 100% Natural
    • Fair Trade Practices
    • Fresh Harvest
    • Fast Delivery
    • Sourced directly from Madagascar
    • No middlemen
    • Fair and competitive prices
  • Product Descriptions

    • Color - Tan to medium brown.
    • Flavor -  Contains minor hints of citrus flavors with a sweet and slightly spicy aftertaste
    • Length -  6 inches to 8 in inches
    • Net Weight -  65g
    • Country of Origin - Madagascar


  • Product Guide

    • Ingredients - 100% Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) 
    • Storage Condition -  Store in sealed bag in a cool, dry place
    • Package Material - Plastic Bag, Cardboard
    • Shelf Life - 3 years after harvest
    • Allergen Information - Packed in a facility free of major allergens
    • Additives and preservatives free
    • Processed and Packed by -  Bemarivo Vanilla Madagascar
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