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Wild Peppercorns (Voantsiperifery) - Gift Box

Wild Peppercorns (Voantsiperifery) - Gift Box


One of the most rare peppers harvested in the Southeastern rainforests of Madagascar.  This pepper is the fruit of the 'Tsiperifery' tree endemic to Madagascar.  The berries are called Voatsiperifery which come from Voa, the Malagasy word for fruit, and Tsiperifery, the Malagasy name for a tree. 

These peppercorns have a delicate and fresh citrus taste with a woody aroma.  They pair well with any type of food especially seafood with a dash of lemon.  They can also be used in sweet dishes such as fruit salad. 

  • Product Features

    • Premium Gourmet Quality
    • 100% Natural
    • Fair Trade Practices
    • Fresh Harvest
    • Fast Delivery
    • Unbroken Whole Pepper
    • Sourced directly from Madagascar
    • No middlemen
    • Fair and competitive prices
  • Product Descriptions

    • Color - Black, reddish
    • Flavor - Fresh lemon taste with a hint of juniper and pine aroma.
    • Country of Origin - Madagascar
    • Net Weight - 4.5oz
  • Product Guide

    • Ingredients - 100% Whole Wild Pepper (Sichuan Pepper, Voatsiperifery)
    • Storage Condition - Keep in cool, dry place, away from sunlight and humidity
    • Package Material - Plastic bag
    • Allergen Information - Packed in a facility free of major allergens
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